About Us

Mission Statement

ProRiderOKC aims to provide a challenging, fun and safe learning environment that will allow participants to enhance their riding experience by developing rock solid confidence on the road and gaining ultimate control of their ride.

A little about ProRider

Thank you for visiting ProRiderOKC’s website and taking a few minutes to learn more about ProRiderOKC. Throughout the website, you can read up on the classes that we offer and the people that make things happen, but in this section I want to provide you with the background on how ProRider “came to be.”After realizing the value gained by police officers who complete motor school, we began looking at the motorcycle training options available to civilians and were disappointed to learn that there weren’t many. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (Ethan is a RiderCoach for 18 years with MSF and still does this as well) does a great job of providing basic training to beginners and intermediate/refresher training to experienced riders. However, there were limited training available that was comparable to the advanced skills taught in police courses. here is nothing secretive about these skills- nothing that is going to compromise officer safety if learned by the public- they simply aren’t incorporated into civilian classes. Upon realizing that there was huge opportunity to bring advanced skills to civilian riders, we began talking to a number of police motorcycle officers and other instructors and obtaining feedback and ideas. There was overwhelming support for the idea of creating a civilian riding course that is truly modeled from police motorcycle exercises and techniques- and not just the low-speed work, but the crash avoidance, proper threshold braking and street skills as well. Oklahoma does have a few and we are proud to join their rank. ProRiderOKC LLC offers some enhanced options that aren’t necessarily a part of most of these other courses and we are continually adding/changing up course options so that each time you visit there is something new to test you.